Kanji: アリギュラ
Romaji: Arigyura
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Anime Debut: Episode 5
Japanese Voice: Satomi Kōrogi
English Voice: Tia Ballard
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Aligura (アリギュラ, Arigyura), the 'Queen of Monomania' (偏執王, Henshū-ō) is one of the Thirteen Kings.


She wears a metallic mask over her eyes that looks similar to Femt's except her's can open in the middle to reveal a single Cyclopean eye.



Before the series began she was dating Deldro, whom she genuinely loves; her affections were reciprocated. What wasn't reciprocated was her desire to turn him into a blood monster that could possess a more attractive body which she, nonetheless, did by literally liquefying his body, emptying Dog Hummer of his blood, and replacing his blood with the now liquefied Deldro. 

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